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Opening night: Visual entanglement

RiAus Exhition_IMG_2998

Dr Paul Willis the Director of RiAus will make the introductory remarks at my opening tonight.

Official opening: 6-7pm, Tuesday 22 March, 2016
FutureSpace Gallery
RiAus, 55 Exchange Place
The Science Exchange, Adelaide SA

I hope to see you there!


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Visual entanglement

This exhibition is an expression of my understanding of quantum physics. I’m attempting to communicate how fundamental particles may have evolved. Quarks & leptons are the building blocks of matter – I’ve created curls & waves that relate to the physical properties found in these particles. The curved structures also create a framework that allows for connections and entangled systems to manifest and evolve that couldn’t happen any other way.

Starts: Monday, 22 March  — 3 June 2016
Opening night: 23 March 6—7pm
RiAus FutureSpace Gallery
55 Exchange Place, Adelaide South Australia
Open: Monday — Friday, 9-5pm

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