Monthly Archives: December 2018

Aesthetic Poetry

My work is nothing more than mere expressions dancing on hollow nothingness; As the curved surface geometries changes form, you can never alter their uniqueness or their fate to remain tied to the two dimensional reality of the picture plane — a truth about the human condition — we are trapped on the edge of the universe yet entangled in all its probabilities in the vastness of infinite space.

Yellow Helium Bloom is one of my paintings that will be exhibited at Little Bang Brewery’s new premises in 2019. Further details to come.

Yellow Helium Bloom by Malcolm Koch, oil on JPP Synthetic, suspended with 12mm spacers off a blue-mirrored backing panel.

A close up showing the anti-clockwise spin of a ‘drill hole expression’, evident by the mark left on the edge of the hole created. The blue-mirrored panel below reflects back to the viewer the ‘nothingness’ that has been created.

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