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The Copper Project – works on copper sheets

Membrane Art draws inspiration from the interactions between curved profile surfaces to play a part in flat-lying ones.

Membrane Art
An evolving expression

Following shows a process:

The Copper Project is motivated by the interconnection of curved surfaces to play a part in flat-lying observed profile – an evolving expression since 2004, these works are an extension of that idea to copper surfaces

This displays the finished piece after it has been completely flattened out and attached to a support frame. The piece’s interconnected drill holes and staining produce a textured landscape, and each sculptural mark suggests energy through the interaction of shadows and puncture marks. It should be noted that every expression was created on the canvas’ reverse side, emphasising a distinct type of expression that arises.

Creating a different kind of abstraction is born out of a need to sculpturally define our multi-dimensional universe. It shows a world that we cannot observe directly, yet we know it exists. Therefore, the meaning may appear latent but the premise and execution of the artwork is far from it. Like a particle that can appear in many places at once, reciprocal markings appear as unique expressions that provide content and dynamic relationships made possible through the use of a curve structure.

The truth is we are limited by our reality — we remain trapped on the surface of a flat universe. Although, we may try to ‘jazz-it-up’, over conceptualise and garner attention with meaningful issues, it is not what interests me as an artist. Rather, I prefer to allow expression to exist through provoking a different kind of beauty. To allow it to naturally manifest and contradict known assumptions.

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Open Gallery/Studio
Mon–Fri, 10am–5pm
Weekends available on request

The Copper Project
Malcolm Koch’s Art Gallery
44 Nelson Street (use back entrance via Malcolm Koch Design)
Stepney, Adelaide, South Australia
Malcolm 0419 864 987

More about my work processes can be seen on my instagram account: Membrane_Ar