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Flatten the curve – the new normal!

Paintings on display in Malcolm Koch's art gallery.
Paintings on display in Malcolm Koch’s personal art space: 44 Nelson Street, Stepney SA.

Since 2004, Malcolm has been evolving this aesthetic thought: Creating events on a curved surface then unravelling it to ‘flatten the curve’. Only then is it complete for observation.

Malcolm’s curved canvases are worked on as three dimensional objects. However, rather than considering the interplay between solid and space as a sculptor does, his forethought is to return to the ‘flat two dimensional picture plane’ (the switch from 3D to 2D). Working in this way creates reciprocal and distinct marks as one expression. An aesthetic that is only possible through the advent of a curve. So when finally, we do observe it on a two dimensional flattened picture plane a different aesthetic emerges.

SALA Festival 2020
Visit Malcolm Koch’s personal studio and art space. See are a range of paintings on display and stored at the premises – by appointment only (to keep the curve flat!).

1 – 31 August 2020 
Monday-Friday: 10am – 5pm
Saturday-Sunday: 12pm – 4pm

Malcolm Koch’s art space
44 Nelson Street, Stepney 
8362 2088 or mobile 0419 864 987

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SALA Festival Program

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To me, Membrane Art is an open door to endless possibilities. Heavily dependent upon the geometric surfaces (nature) which underpins it. Yet, in the end, you never truly know what you’re going to be looking at until you unroll it (flat).

Recognising that the surface membrane creates the basic structure for the artwork is only the beginning. Results can either echo, connect and/or entangle themselves in ways that cannot be achieved in our flat dimensional world. It shows that the markings have come from somewhere else. Where expression and sculpture unite — which is why I consider this approach neither painting nor sculpture.

There certainly is a sense of freedom by working in this way. Creating a gestural response that is deeply-rooted in the present context of quantum physics yet not bound by its mathematical theorems, provides an artistic licence to explore.