About Membrane Art

‘I’m re-imagining our universe — entangled in the void of spacetime.’

My curved canvases become a way to initiate events that consumes the surface geometry, creating distinct expressions and reciprocal marks that cannot be achieved on the flat picture plane, yet the results of the work are always presented in that form — a metaphor for how we may observe.

Malcolm at work - undulating membrane surface

Malcolm at work – undulating membrane surface

As the curved surfaces create the structural basis for the expressions, it also means that the pieces themselves have been developed and composed partly and sometimes completely out of plain sight. In the end, you never truly know what you’re going to be looking at until you unravel and reveal it. This shows that the markings have come from somewhere else, where expression and sculpture unite, an approach that may be considered neither painting nor sculpture. My term for it, is Membrane Art.

Since 2004, I’ve been evolving this aesthetic thought. To the point where I have now created events that engage with both front and back surfaces as one expression. A complete approach to abstraction yet a style of abstraction that is deeply rooted in the present context of a multi-dimensional universe and the way nature itself could be.

This website aims to share my discovery of this aesthetic thought.

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Quantum brushstrokes