Helium Sculpture

Helium Sculpture: A double-sided painting that can be hung either side. Why? Because structural expressions are made on both sides of the canvas at the same time.
Helium Sculpture: This side reveals my working notes, processes and thoughts.

Since 2004, I have been developing the idea that a different kind of aesthetic is created when events are deployed on a curved canvas (rather than a flat ‘two dimensional’ plane). The marks created in this way take on the form of the geometric profile. So when they are unraveled and stretched-out to the two dimensional picture plane, the aesthetic emerges.

I call this approach Membrane Art. As it is the curved profile of the surfaces that underpins the development of each artwork. An aesthetic thought that I continue to evolve.

This allows me to engage with the work as a three dimensional object (like a sculpturalist). Including working on the inside and outside (back) of the canvas at the same time. Achieving reciprocal marks as one expression.

However, unlike sculpting I’m always thinking about the relationship between painting and how we observe, rather than the interplay between solid and space. So the key part of my work is to return to the flat two dimensional picture plane to generate the human visual experience — observation.

An aesthetic that is deeply rooted in the present context of a ‘multi-dimensional’ universe and the way nature itself could be.

Helium Sculpture is on display at Little Bang Brewing until August 15, 2019.

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