Drill holes & saw cuts on curls & waves

The above sequence shows how drill holes and saw cuts are produced on curvature structures ( a variant of Membrane Art that I call Quantum Brushstrokes). Similar to the way a brushstroke mark is made on a flat plane – there is initial contact, movement across and then an exit off the surface. 

In 2004, I began experimenting with the idea that I could open up surfaces and spaces to countless more perceptual possibilities by painting on a curve rather than on a flat 2D plane. The events created on the curved surface would re-enact the ‘completeness’ of our natural world, and when the results are unraveled and revealed on the 2D picture plane it might generate the human visual experience, thus being a metaphor for how we observe. Since, this approach has enabled me to evolve and develop a body of work that I refer to as Membrane Art. The key influence and structural basis of my art practice.